Network & Server Support Proactive Management for Your Network

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At Major IT, we specialize in handling intricate hardware and cloud-based solutions for clients nationwide. Our dedicated IT support team seamlessly manages software operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly while you focus on your core responsibilities.

Your network and server infrastructure are fundamental to the smooth operation of all computer-related services within your organization. However, effectively managing a Local Area Network (LAN) can be resource-intensive and costly if handled internally. It requires specialized expertise, especially with the increasing complexity of networks. At Major IT, we have amassed years of experience providing comprehensive LAN management solutions to our clients.

Through our Proactive LAN Management service, we assume responsibility for the entire lifecycle of your computer network. This includes configuring LAN ports, managing Wireless LAN (WLAN) access points, and overseeing both hardware and software components. With a keen focus on network performance and infrastructure health, we employ proactive monitoring to swiftly address any arising issues.

Moreover, our network design service ensures that your IT investment yields optimal results. We tailor robust and adaptable systems that evolve alongside your business needs.

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IT Helpdesk Support Services Reliable Assistance When You Need It

Major IT offers a comprehensive range of IT support and Helpdesk services. Our helpdesk operates with highly qualified engineers 24 hours a day.

Clients can easily reach our helpdesk via phone, email, or our online client portal. All reported issues are promptly logged and investigated according to our service level agreement (SLA). Our engineers leverage various tools, including remote dial-in, to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.

Our client portal grants contract clients access to a tailored knowledge base specific to their site. This allows for easy tracking of open tickets and viewing of logged issues over various timeframes. Clients also have the option to escalate their own calls through the portal.

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Remote Support Swift Issue Resolution from Anywhere

As part of our commitment to rapid issue resolution, we offer Remote Support services where applicable. Through secure channels, our technical team can remotely access clients' PCs/Servers from our offices and pinpoint the root cause of issues within minutes. In fact, the majority of issues are fully resolved within just 30 minutes!

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Onsite Support Timely Solutions Where Needed

In cases where Helpdesk Support or Remote Support doesn't suffice, we provide Onsite Support by dispatching engineers directly to your office. For our contract clients, response times are guaranteed as part of the agreement. For all other clients, we prioritize critical issues to ensure prompt resolution.

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